Troubled mind - Mental Health Awareness

A troubled mind is never at peace, and it brings along anxiety, fear, and lack of confidence. At times, it is hard to know when to calm your mind, and the reasons it should be done are not always clear.  A peaceful mind is only worth it to some people when faced with particular challenges and desire to concentrate. A peaceful mind is beneficial for healthy living, and it should not be an option in only selected situations. One of the most significant disturbances that can cost your peace of mind is fear.

Fear will interfere with our everyday life, and its impacts will affect our friends, social life, family, and even job. Besides, fear and anxieties will trigger low concentration and blurred thinking. The results are confusion, errors, poor decision making, and ultimately failure. To be more successful and focused in life, you must learn how to calm your mind to stay focused and think rightly. This article presents some of the best guidelines for calming your mind and overcoming fear and worries.

Quiet time

To overcome your fears and be more focused, you have to create time to be alone. During this time, ensure you are free from any form of disturbance and make sure you relax your body and mind. It doesn't matter the time you will spend as much as you will achieve your goal. During this time, you can engage in mind relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, or a nature walk.

Be positive

When faced with fear, you must learn how to take care of your subconscious mind. Words and language we use will affect our unconscious mind, behavior, and how we feel and think. It would be best if you learned how to use positive language in your conversation. Being positive will boost your confidence, certainty, and self-esteem. It will also help diminish gloominess, negative attitude, and sadness that denies one calmness and peace of mind.

Exercise deep breathing

Fear causes stress, and stress can even lead to suicide if not handled on time. One of the best ways of relieving stress is by taking turns to take deep breaths. One is highly encouraged to practice this whenever they have something disturbing their minds, and the results are instant.


So many myths surround meditation, but the truth is that it is one of the best ways used to relax one's mind is meditation. If you plan to meditate even for few minutes a day and regularly, you will be better placed to make sober decisions and experience great peace of mind. Regardless of the type of meditation you choose, the results will be excellent and instrumental. Effective meditation is practiced in a disturbance-free environment. Therefore, it is essential to learn the basics of meditation to learn what to do and what not to do.

Nature walks

Images create fear in our minds. They are due to what we think is bound to happen or about an experience. One way of getting rid of such and enjoying peace of mind is changing our minds' images and pictures. This can be done by taking a nature walk that involves activities like hiking, walking in the forest, or along the river bank. Things such as trees, the sea, lake, streams, and sunset are physically calming and relaxing. Spending time interacting with them will give a great feeling that will boost your happiness and calmness.

Be creative

The best way of calming your mind is by doing what you like most. People have different activities that fascinate them. Suppose you are in a difficult situation that is denying you the freedom to peace of mind. In that case, you can counter it back with your creativity. If you are right in art, put all your feelings on a page. Photography lover, take it out and photograph adorable and beautiful photos. You can also take a walk or even write down an article about what you think offers you peace of mind.


It might sound funny but believe me that you need to have a great sense of humor to enjoy a peaceful mind. Laugh as much as you can. Do what you find amusing. Laughter relieves stress, and when you laugh, your body releases certain hormones that assist in relaxing.

Just laugh it out!